What Types of Insurance Do I Need for My Box Truck Business?

What Types of Insurance Do I Need for My Box Truck Business?

Due to its moderate size, box trucks are in high demand in helping online and small businesses to handle and deliver heavy merchandise that customers cannot lift without the right equipment. In fact, box trucks are the most demanded commercial vehicle types for freight transport.

Box trucks are often used by household goods moving companies, expeditors, couriers, furniture restoration, hardware, appliance stores, and retail businesses for moving freight.

It can often be a lucrative option for local non-CDL drivers as they can get started with lower start-up costs compared to long haul trucking. There is even a wide range of box truck types, such as an ice box, reefer, sleeper box, cargo cutaway, tilt cab, moving truck, and more.

However, there are a few different coverage options you will need to consider for short-haul box truck insurance as is depends on whether you own your own box truck and carry your own goods or you are a for-hire carrier.

Do companies with box trucks need an MC authority or MC Number?

If you are a short-haul trucking carrier, you mostly stay within a 150 air-mile radius and report back to the same location to end your day. These operations usually function locally, and it is an attractive way to bring in new drivers who want to be home each night.

However, when it comes to authority, it is not about how short or long the distance is, it has to do with the cargo.

Interstate authority is required when the cargo that is within the containers has been traveling interstate. Intrastate authority only covers cargo that originates and is delivered within the state. For example, interstate authority is required for intermodal transportation because the cargo that is in the container getting hauled could have originated anywhere that is accessible by rail, which is why there is a need to get that interstate authority.

Short-haul does not always necessary mean intrastate either. There are times you could take a load 400 miles round trip and end up going through four states.

To make sure your business can haul the most types of cargo, we recommend getting an interstate authority and a commercial drivers license.

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However, to obtain your MC authority, Auto Liability (also known as Bodily Injury Physical Damage), is required by the FMCSA at a minimum coverage of $750,000. Truck Cargo Coverage is also required by law, however the amount of coverage depends on what your trucks are hauling. 

A business that owns a single box truck and that has been in business for at least three years without a reported accident can expect to pay between $3000 and $5000 a year for box truck liability insurance. A new box truck start-up can expect to pay a bit more since there is higher risk due to no previous safety history.

Types of insurance box truck drivers should consider


Provides you protection if your refrigerated trailer breaks down due to mechanical failure of the temperature control system. This coverage will provide insurance for the loss of cargo, so you do not have to.


Whether you operate as a long haul or short haul trucker, you will always run into the risk of getting into an accident. That is why all states require you to carry liability insurance.

Your transportation liability insurance will cover bodily injury, provide financial support for medical expenses, and property damage. If legal action is taken out against you because of the accident, your liability insurance will also cover the cost of your defense, regardless if you are found to be at fault or not.


Provides long haul truckers medical payments to help pay hospital bills resulting from an accident despite who is at fault.


Physical Damage is not required for Commercial Truck Insurance, but we do recommend it. Coverage depends on what you are driving and can range from $1000 to $200K.

This is the type of insurance that you need to pay for the damage to your tractor/trailer during an accident, or because of another covered loss. Coverage will include both comprehensive damage caused by vandalism, theft or severe weather, as well as collision damage caused by an accident.


If your truck/trailer is damaged or you sustain injuries in an accident that is caused by a party that does not have sufficient Auto Insurance coverage, this coverage will pay for your injuries.


Often, the most valuable asset in your business is the cargo you haul. Truck Cargo coverage insures the contents of the trailer, temperature-control machinery, and other appliances or accessories that keep cargo secure. Coverage is custom-evaluated for the type of commodities hauled and the requirements of the shipper.

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