Passenger Carrier Insurance

Passenger Carrier Insurance

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As a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Provider for Passenger Carriers (including personal vehicles, medical, vans, and buses), we have a solution to assist you no matter what size, type, or level your company is currently at.

Whether your operation is local, regional, or Interstate, we have the industry knowledge as well as our partnership with Compliance Navigation Specialists to provide added support with rules, regulations, safety, and compliance across the board.

We can help no matter what you are hauling:

  • Passenger Carrier
  • Limousine
  • Party Bus
  • Passenger Van
  • School Bus
  • Charter Bus
  • Taxi
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Passenger Carrier Insurance

Passenger Vehicle insurance for limos, taxi, vans, buses, medical transport

What and Why?

What is Passenger Carrier Insurance?

Passengers are the most important commodity and keeping those people safe and secure while also protecting the companies transporting them is at the top of mind for our agency. CNS Insurance understands that Bus & Limousine companies need special attention and care to understand the unique needs they have. Here at CNS Insurance, we have specialists to provide the most detailed attention when finding an insurance solution for your company. Whether you are operating a charter bus, limousine, party bus, school bus, airport shuttle, or another passenger carrying vehicle, CNS Insurance will be able to provide the right fit for you.

Why do you need Passenger Carrier Insurance?

Business that transport passengers have a lot to keep track of and need a reliable agency to provide the custom care they need. Providing timely answers when it matters most, and making sure you have the best coverage available can make all the difference when claims occur.

Types of Passenger Carriers


Limousine Insurance

Whether you are transporting passengers around town or a corporate executive to the airport, it is essential to have the correct coverage for your limousine. Many distractions on the road can create a dangerous situation, and you need to make sure you, your passenger, and your vehicle are protected in the event of an accident.


Party Bus Insurance

Party buses can turn any event into something special. That is why you need the right insurance to protect and safeguard your business. While it is difficult to find a company that will quote a party bus operation, CNS Insurance will find the right coverage for you.


Passenger Van Insurance

Transporting groups of people to and from events such as tours and shows can be great way to provide service to those in need. Having the proper knowledge and coverage for these operations can limit potential exposures within your operation and avoid catastrophe.


School Bus Insurance

School buses can have some of the most difficult driving conditions on the road. Children can create added noise and distraction and making sure you are protecting them as well as your business is crucial. Having years of expertise in the school bus industry sets CNS Insurance apart from the pack and make all the difference.


Charter Bus Insurance

Transporting large groups of people creates challenges to the businesses doing so. Ensuring you are equipped with the right insurance as well as having the available resources available when you have questions.


NEMT Insurance

Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation insurance is for situations that do not involve an immediate threat to the life or health of an individual and is for Medicaid beneficiaries who need to get to and from medical services but have no means of transportation.

plan of action

know your Coverage

It is important to keep in mind legal requirements when obtaining trucking insurance. Commercial Truck Insurance is mandatory in all 50 states and failure to obtain coverage could cost you a lot of money in fines or even worse, your license. By law, you must have a minimum of 750,000 in auto liability and cargo coverage (coverage depends on what your trucks are hauling). 

Auto Liability
1 K+

Auto Liability, also known as Bodily Injury Physical Damage (BIPD), depends on the overall gross-vehicle weight (GVW) when hauling.

Under 10,001 lbs GVW = $300,000 while over 10,001 lbs GVW = $750,000



Umbrella insurance is a supplemental policy that provides additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your standard insurance policies. 

Physical Damage
1 K+

Physical Damage is not required for Commercial Truck Insurance, but we do recommend it. Coverage depends on what you are driving and can range from $1000 to $200K.


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Customers Reviews


Company A, a 9-truck carrier, approached CNS due to a problem in their operations. Their surplus lines carrier who was charging $190,000 annually for 9 trucks was canceling their liability insurance. The trucking company called CNS to see what could be done.

CNS reviewed carrier’s roadside safety, performance, driver files, loss ratio history, systems, and process. CNS analyzed the company had no losses but high BASIC SMS scores. Upon further investigation there were only two drivers that had bad records.

CNS developed hiring and qualification standards and implemented these standards within the company. The company also engaged CNS to manage their divers through drivers qualifications, monitoring drivers and training drivers.

As shown in the graph, the clients safety scores improved year after year.

As a result of the improved safety scores CNS Insurance was able to secure insurance which saved the company $100,000.00 in annual premium. The client has been a loyal CNS and CNS Insurance customer for 6 years.

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