On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage

What is On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage?

On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage pays for damages to a vehicle, such as fire or collision, while the car is in tow.

Who needs On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage?

For businesses that have towing available, whether you are a mechanic or a full-on tow service, On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage is necessary and will protect you if an incident happens while towing a vehicle.

This coverage applies in all states except Texas and Virginia where On-Hook Towing insurance is called Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance and their Garagekeepers Legal Liability insurance is called Storage Location insurance.

Questions about this coverage or a policy?

If you have any questions about this coverage or you are unsure what kind of coverages you need for your business, please contact us.

What are the requirements for On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage?

You will choose a limit and a deductible when securing On-Hook Towing insurance, which represent your out-of-pocket cost and the limit of coverage for each incident.

On-Hook Towing Insurance Coverage​ Example

Why do you need it?

As you are towing a customer’s car to your mechanic shop you scrape the passenger door as you are making a turn a little too sharp. The door was scratched enough that the whole door would have to be repainted.

Since you have On-Hook Towing Insurance and selected a coverage limit of $15,000 and a $500 deductible you will be covered and only have to pay your deductible.

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