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CNS Insurance and CNS partner with companies throughout the transportation industry to provide safety, compliance, and risk management.

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Compliance Navigation Specialists

The sister company of CNS Insurance, Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS), is headquartered in Central Pennsylvania next to CNS Insurance and works with clients of all sizes and classes all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. CNS has a strong reputation with the FMCSA and other related government agencies.

CNS specializes in total DOT Safety, Compliance, Licensing and Risk Management and offers our Proactive Safety Management programs to fit a broad range of industry needs. Their “hands-on” approach is what separates them from competitors.

CNS has a one-stop-shop strategy and has expanded operations into other areas including a CDL Driver Training Center and Occupational Health division.

HAZMAT expertise is much needed as fuel haulers require guidance on best practices, how to implement policies and procedures, and even what applies to them given broad regulatory compliance requirements. CNS meets this need with deep HAZMAT expertise including Certified HAZMAT Training Instructors on staff.

CNS also has a CDL Driver Training Center which offers a range of CDL training including specialized School Bus training. CNS Driver Training Center instructors have over 50 years of School Bus Fleet experience ensuring CNS is able provide the industry qualified drivers.

When working with clients CNS provides a thorough risk assessment and then provides and implements solutions to close potential gaps in safety and non-compliance. Thus, providing long-term solutions which improve the carriers long term outlook.

CNS Insurance

CNS Insurance was founded in 2013 and has been growing exponentially since.

CNS Insurance was founded with the intention of offering local truckers insurance services in combination with services from CNS. Today, CNS Insurance continues to grow into John Irwin’s vision of a multi-state commercial transportation agency which stands on it’s own but also compliments the mission of the agency’s sister company Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS).

From humble beginnings, CNS Insurance currently has a footprint in over 34 states and continues to be strategically focused on the commercial transportation industry. For 2020, CNS Insurance is on track for $8.5 million in gross premium revenue and will see its fifth year of 30% plus annual growth. CNS Insurance is currently exceeding its five-year plan to reach $20 million in premium revenue by 2024.

CNS Insurance has a professional staff which continues to grow in lock step with it’s premium sales. In addition to the Agency Director, CNS Insurance has six producers, two account managers and two customer service representatives. CNS Insurance shares a full-time marketing team with CNS and has benefited from strong targeted lead sourcing and branding even during these uncertain times.

CNS Insurance has a larger sister company, Compliance Navigation Specialists, which has a steady flow of fuel, HAZMAT, and passenger risks which would be an ideal fit for CNS Insurance and a clear opportunity for continued expansion of the CNS Insurance brand. To this point, CNS Insurance has been unable to help countless fuel, HAZMAT, and passenger carriers because of a lack of markets. CNS Insurance has also recently added workers compensation and business owner policies to compliment the transportation risk class.

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CNS Insurance is focused on commercial auto insurance and the growth and development of transportation companies, just like yours.

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It is important to keep in mind your legal requirements. Commercial trucking insurance is mandatory in all 50 states, and not having proper trucking insurance could result in very expensive fines or even worse, your license.

Let us make sure that you have enough liability coverage for your vehicle.


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