new ventures

How do you start a new trucking company?

Our Commercial Truck Insurance Specialists are available to assist all new ventures, as long as you are looking for commercial insurance in one of our coverage states.

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We assist trucking companies and haulers of all types, providing them with the best insurance rates along with the necessary compliance advice that comes with owning a trucking company.

Getting Started

Tips to consider:

Shop Around

We will shop you around to get you the best rate as some carriers are weary of new CDL drivers due to the level of risk involved.

Operating Radius Limitations

Insurance companies may limit your radius of operation as you get started. It is important to limit yourself to a smaller hauling radius when you are starting out.

Raise your Credit Score

It has been found that your personal credit score can have a direct correlation to the number of and possibility of claims in the future. Keeping your credit score high or attempting to raise it is always a good idea.

What do you need?
Our Compliance partners can help you get started

Our partner, Compliance Navigation Specialists, is an industry leading compliance company that will help keep you in compliance and commercial insurance rates low.

In addition to insurance, a few things to consider include:

  • Driver Qualification Files
  • Vehicle Maintenance Files
  • DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • and more

All driver documentation must be filed and updated regularly. CNS monitors and provides audits and recommendations for these files.

Your vehicle maintenance file is similar to your driver files and must also be maintained with any and all routine and major maintenance that was conducted on the vehicle.

Under most circumstances a drug and alcohol test is required and it may be necessary to be part of a program.

If you are a new trucking company, we specialize in insuring new venture trucking companies.

Pay-Per-Mile Insurance!


This new insurance program allows carriers with less than two years in business to start slow and avoid the stress of getting loads just to pay your high insurance premiums. It was designed to help new commercial trucking operations simplify and manage their actual insurance cost based on miles driven.

New Venture Quick Commercial Truck Insurance Quote

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