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Meet the team

CNS Insurance has a professional staff which continues to grow in lock step with it’s premium sales. In addition to the Agency Director, CNS Insurance has six producers, two account managers and two customer service representatives.

CNS Insurance shares a full-time marketing team with CNS and has benefited from strong targeted lead sourcing and branding. Our team is focused on providing customer service that is one step ahead of our competitors.

It takes a team

Management Team

John irwin

Founder and CEO

Professional Overview

As the Founder and CEO of CNS Insurance, John is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of CNS Insurance and all associated companies, including Compliance Navigation Specialists (CNS), CNS Driver Training Center and CNS Occupational Health.

Melissa Irwin

Chief Human Resources Officer

Professional Overview

As Chief Human Resources Officer for CNS Companies, Melissa serves as leader in human resources with a focus on attracting the best candidates to all of our teams. She seeks to build a team within a positive corporate culture while helping employees from all departments reach their full professional and personal potential.

Adam Galante

Vice President of Operations

Professional Overview

Adam ensures that every customer receives the quality service they deserve. Adam has over a decade of management experience, with more than half of that experience working directly with trucking and compliance. He has earned credentials as a Certified Safety Director from North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) and holds a Property and Casualty insurance license. Adam is proud to work for CNS servicing customers throughout the United States.

Bill Adams

Chief Operating Officer

Professional Overview

As the Chief Operating Officer for CNS Companies, Bill brings a wealth of experience. Before joining the team, he held the position of Director of Franchise Operations at both Honey Baked Ham and Dunkin’. He achieved great success in both positions and seeks to do the same with CNS Companies.

Ryan Berardi, Ed.D.

SVP of Training and Development

Professional Overview

Ryan leads the Training & Development function for CNS Companies employees and clients. This entails crafting learning strategies and products to enhance performance and provide effective business guidance.

Chris Kiehl

Vice President of Business Development

Professional Overview

Chris leads the Sales and Marketing teams and has been a key driver in the direction and success of CNS, CNS Insurance and all other associated companies. He is the chief problem solver and excels at galvanizing the teams with a pragmatic approach. Chris is always on hand to assist other CNS Insurance members.

Jared Kline

VP of DOT Compliance & Risk Management

Professional Overview

Jared’s role as VP of DOT Compliance & Risk Management is to provide both direct support to companies in various industries when it comes to both Federal/State Regulations, but also insight into best practices and strategies to limit overall risk.

Ron Haws


Professional Overview

Ron is the Controller for CNS Companies and as the former Agency Director of CNS Insurance he is dedicated to risk mitigation, safety education of truckers across the country, and the overall vision of CNS Companies. Ron is a life-long learner and loves the insurance industry and its associated complexities. His passion is to help truckers save money and protect themselves financially, while providing top notch customer service.

The Team

Holly Fawber

Agency Supervisor, TRIP

Professional Overview

Holly is committed to providing the best service to each and every client. She is fully equipped to answer any and all questions you throw her way and has her TRIP designation so she can better advise clients on managing transportation and insurance risk.

Zachary Wagner

Account Manager

Professional Overview

Zach is dedicated to serving all of his clients to the best of his ability. He will always shop his clients to maintain the lowest possible premiums with the best coverage.

Zania Walker


Professional Overview

Zania has over 10 years of sales experience and has worked in the insurance industry for 8 years. She is very knowledgeable and can answer any policy questions you have.

Erica LeBlanc

Renewal Specialist

Professional Overview

Erica is our Renewal Specialist so there is a good chance that you will be speaking with her when your renewal comes up. She is professional, knowledgeable and fully capable of answering any questions you have.

Matthew Walewski

Account Manager

Professional Overview

Matt is one of our Account Managers. He is very quick and has caught onto the Commercial Truck Insurance game quickly and will be able to assist in any way you need.

Diane Marshall

Customer Service Representative

Professional Overview

Diane is one of our Customer Service Representatives. She is professional, knowledgeable and fully capable of answering any questions you have.

Customer Service

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Commercial Trucking Insurance

CNS Insurance is solely focused on commercial trucking insurance and the growth and development of trucking companies, just like yours.

Insurance Coverages

It is important to keep in mind your legal requirements. Commercial trucking insurance is mandatory in all 50 states, and not having proper trucking insurance could result in very expensive fines or even worse, your license.

Let us make sure that you have enough liability coverage for your vehicle.