Commercial Truck Insurance Provider

Commercial Auto Insurance

As a Commercial Truck Insurance Provider, we offer coverage for Auto Haulers, Agricultural, Construction, Fleets, Fuel Haulers, Hazmat Carriers, Last-Mile and Mid-Mile Carriers, Long-Haul Truckers, Short-Haul Trucks, Towing Companies, and even new trucking companies.

We have a solution for you no matter what level your trucking company is at. We can tailor your Commercial Auto Insurance Policies to meet your needs.

One-Stop Commercial Trucking Insurance Agency

We assist trucking companies and haulers of all types, providing them with the best insurance rates along with the necessary compliance advice that comes with owning a trucking company.

Long-Haul Trucking Insurance

Long-Haul Trucking operations are always in demand and vital to the economy. Commercial Truck Insurance is mandatory in all 50 states. Let us manage your risk.

Short-Haul Trucking Insurance

Short-Haul Trucking carriers mostly stay within a 150 air-mile radius and report back to the same location. Commercial Truck Insurance is required and there a lot of risks that come with short-haul trucking. Let us manage your risk.

Commercial Agricultural Insurance

Our carrier’s programs includes coverage for targeted commercial agribusiness operations. We are committed to protecting commercial agricultural businesses, family farms, small farms and more.

Construction/Excavators Insurance

Commercial insurance for Construction Companies and Excavators is vital to your success and we are able to tailor policies to your needs.

Passenger Carrier Insurance

Passenger Carriers need commercial insurance to protect their assets as well as those they are transporting. Let us develop the best policy for your company's needs.

Fuel Haulers/Hazmat Insurance

Fuel Hauler or Hazmat truck insurance policies cover liability for incidents like site clean up, loading and unloading incidents, etc. There is a lot of risk involved, so it is important to get the best coverage.

Towing Company Insurance

Towing insurance will cover your assets as well as the vehicles you are hauling in the event that something happens while towing a customer vehicle. Coverage depends on the type of towing your company does. Our Commercial Truck Insurance Specialists can recommend what works best for your company.

High Risk Carrier Insurance

High Risk Carriers are inevitably going to have higher premiums and less flexibility in those policies as a result of high CSA scores. Our partner, Compliance Navigation Specialists, will work together with CNS Insurance to lower your scores and ultimately reducing your premiums.

Fleet Policy Insurance

Fleet insurance covers a fleet of vehicles, which can be registered in the name of a company, a partner or director of the company. This allows one policy to cover your whole business. Let us save you time and money.

Last-Mile/Mid-Mile Insurance

Last-Mile/Mid-Mile Insurance is important because independent contractors are typically not covered by workers’ compensation causing uncertainties in regards to topics like what to do if a driver is injured. This is where CNS Insurance and Last-Mile or Mid-Mile Delivery Insurance comes into play.

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