Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage

What is Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage?

Garagekeeper coverage protects tow truck drivers against things like fire, theft, vandalism, or a collision with a vehicle they are towing.

Who needs Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage?

For businesses that have towing available, whether you are a mechanic or a full-on tow service, Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage is necessary and will protect you when you are in possession of customer vehicles.

Questions about this coverage or a policy?

If you have any questions about this coverage or you are unsure what kind of coverages you need for your business, please contact us.

What are the requirements for Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage?

Coverages are dependent upon the state you are in, but usually, there is a maximum available limit of $2,500 per occurrence.

In addition, there is a per-vehicle deductible option. This is usually $500 meaning that your insurance would pay for anything beyond that $500.

Garagekeepers Insurance Coverage​ Example

Why do you need it?

Let’s say you own a garage and one of your clients calls saying they were in an accident. You send one of your tow trucks over, get the car and you just tell the driver to keep it at his house the night since you are closing up shop. The driver takes it home and puts in his garage, but there was an incident overnight and the car was damaged by a small fire. By having Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance you would be covered and not liable for the damages to the car up to your limit.

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