Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage

What is Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage?

Truck Cargo coverage insures the contents of the trailer, temperature-control machinery, and other appliances or accessories that keep cargo secure. Coverage is custom-evaluated for the type of commodities hauled and the requirements of the shipper. Often, the most valuable asset in your business is the cargo you haul.

Who needs Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage?

Basically, if you are hauling cargo, you need Truck Cargo Insurance. Today, there are many cases when it is required and you can meet these requirements by adding this coverage when we build your policy. It covers damage due to fire or collision. There is even coverage if you, as the driver, damage the freight.

Questions about this coverage or a policy?

If you have any questions about this coverage or you are unsure what kind of coverages you need for your business, please contact us.

What are the requirements for Truck Cargo Insurance?

You will need to select a coverage limit for your Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage, which will be the basis for what your insurance company will pay out in case of damage. There will also be an option for a deductible. Higher deductibles equal a lower monthly premium. Depending on what you are hauling, our Commercial Insurance Specialists will be able to make a recommendation, but generally, a minimum of $100,000 in cargo coverage is recommended.

All Risk and Broad Form Policies:

  • Reefer breakdown
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Debris removal
  • Pollution clean up
  • Aggregate deductibles
  • Earned freight charges
  • High valued commodities requiring limits of $250,000 per vehicle or higher

Truck Cargo Coverage Example

Why do you need it?

Similar to your Liability Insurance Coverage and Physical Damage Coverage, you need Truck Cargo Coverage that will help when your cargo is damaged in an accident, vandalized, etc.

So, you run a wrecking service and have several flatbeds. Of course, you are constantly hauling cars that were in accidents, but maybe they were just broken down on the side of the road.

You send one of your drivers to get a broken down car, but while he is transporting it to the specified mechanic a storm hits. As you are driving a tree branch breaks and falls right onto the car. Luckily it only damages the hood of the car.

You are required to have this coverage as a trucker, but the amount of coverage depends on what you haul. In your case, you have $100,000 in coverage, which will be more than enough to fix the hood of the car that you were transporting.

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