How Single Trip Pay-per-Load Coverage is Different Than Gap Cargo Coverage

How Single Trip Pay-per-Load Coverage is Different Than Gap Cargo Coverage

Need short term load coverage or to quickly expand your cargo insurance coverage to protect high-value and specialty loads? Pay-per-load cargo coverage is what you need.

It is common knowledge that higher value loads, like electronics and certain easy-to-move metals, like copper, are not covered by a typical carrier’s liability policy.

Neither are some sensitive commodities, like volatile chemicals and fresh and frozen foods.

This is where spike and gap insurance coverage usually comes in.

However,shippers are finding this coverage is difficult to find as many providers are not offering it any longer. But spike and gap coverage was never a complete solution.

For example, shippers’ coverage over $100,000 was not easy to find and those spike or gap policies would increase the value of the coverage, but not expand the coverage terms. So, if your carrier’s policy didn’t pay, neither would the spike or gap coverages.

But there is something better.

What is pay-per-load cargo coverage?

Pay-per-load cargo coverage is NOT the same as gap cargo insurance (excess cargo insurance) which covers only the value above the trucker’s cargo policy limit.

So, what is it?

When you choose a pay-as-you-go, all-risk option, you can increase the value of your coverage AND  expand that coverage to include many of the things a liability policy will not, such as inside theft or loss of a load to a natural disaster.

You could get up to $2 million in coverage and save as much as 80 percent on your transactional cargo insurance costs.

For example: If the shipper requires $750k in cargo then we can get you a quote for the entire $750k in cargo for that one load. This $750k cargo fully trumps whatever current cargo limit that they would have with their current cargo policy.

So now, you can seize lucrative spot market opportunities and ensure your business-critical customers are properly taken care of in the event of an accident on a per-load basis.

Your shippers will benefit, too, as you protect them from what your carrier liability policy doesn’t. This means a better experience for the customers critical to your business.

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