February’s Snowstorm Will Be Texas’ Largest Insurance Claim Event Ever

No matter how prepared you are for unfavorable road conditions, collisions involving semi-trucks are substantial.

According to insurance expert Camille Garcia with the Insurance Council of Texas, hundreds of thousands of insurance claims will be filed in the state due to the intense winter storm that crippled the state’s electricity grid.

Residents and businesses in Texas need to be patient right now as insurance agents are dealing with all the homeowners, businesses, and auto insurance claims.

According to federal regulations, truck drivers must exercise extreme caution when driving in dangerous weather conditions, but may not have the option of staying home or rerouting their course during inclement weather. 

When a trucking accident happens during poor weather, all the circumstances including the behavior of all drivers, the weather, and the road conditions must be considered.

It can be frustrating for you to sort out the details with both law enforcement and your insurance provider, but the first step after an accident in bad weather is to determine who was responsible and how much the road conditions contributed to the accident.

Below are some tips to prepare for submitting your claims:

Read more tips on extreme weather and regulations affecting truck drivers.

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