7 Steps of Commercial Insurance Anonymous

What companies need to know to avoid being stuck in the disease of incomplete or expensive insurance

What companies need to know to avoid being stuck in the disease of incomplete or expensive insurance

Commercial insurance, especially in the trucking industry, is often looked at as a necessary pain to meet federal guidelines. The insurance industry itself is often looked at as a confusing extra cost that can be brushed to the side and forgotten.

There is no doubt about it, commercial trucking insurance is expensive, but there are ways to make sure you do not pay too much while also getting the insurance coverage your company needs.

Many smaller companies and owner-operators take a big gamble by using minimum insurance coverage to get the cheapest insurance premiums possible.

While it is easy to ignore something that seems too complicated to understand, we are focused on educating you to see the whole picture and how it affects your company’s risk and safety.

7 Steps of Commercial Insurance Anonymous

The 7 Steps of Commercial Insurance Anonymous can help you avoid being stuck in the disease of an incomplete or expensive insurance policy.

  1. Have Honesty that the insurance you have is not complete or too expensive
  2. Believe that you can get better insurance or better rates with a trustworthy company that understands your business
  3. Have Courage to switch from your current agent and transition to new coverage
  4. Build Trust in the new relationship and insurer partnership before and after changing providers
  5. Have Humility in allowing a new provider to analyze and suggest the coverage you need, listen to what has not been covered, hearing what should be covered, and listen to the red flags keeping your rates high and how to change them
  6. Have Perseverance in working with your insurer to reduce red flags and improve safety history to lower future rates or reduce the increase in future rates, and finally
  7. Have Gratitude to share how you have improved your insurance coverage and reduce risk with CNS Insurance and sister companies to friends and colleagues  

What not to do with Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage?

The worst thing you can do is get subpar commercial truck insurance coverage and be committed to it for a year when one accident can ruin your business.

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