Workers' Compensation Coverage 101

What is Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage and who is it for?

Workers compensation insurance protects your employees and your business from work-related illnesses or injuries. The coverage is mandated by each state and the workers compensation laws and benefits vary by state.

Protecting drivers is even more important than protecting the vehicles they drive, which is why we are offering Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Fleet Owners, Motor Carriers and Owner Operators.

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Who is Workers' Compensation Coverage for?

Many states require Trucking Companies to offer Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

If you have one or more employees and don’t carry workers compensation insurance, you will be liable for these costs, and additionally be subject to fines and fees based upon the state your operation resides in.

If Trucking Workers’ Compensation Insurance is mandatory, it can provide coverage for:

  • Medical Expense
  • Rehabilitation
  • Death Benefits 
  • Missed Wages

How does Workers’ Compensation Insurance work?

Employees filing claims for workers’ compensation insurance can only do so if their injury or illness is caused by their duties while on the job.

Common examples include:

  • a slip or fall
  • a strain on the body from heavy lifting
  • injuries that have resulted from an accident while operating machinery

The injured parties must visit a healthcare professional immediately so a medical doctor can provide medical reports to support any claims. Upon approval by the insurance carrier, the employee will receive compensation payments and can return to work when cleared.

Fleet Owners

Fleet Owners who lease on to Motor Carriers sometimes need to offer Workers’ Compensation coverage for their employee drivers.

Owner Operators

Owner/Operators have the option to purchase their own coverage called Occupational Accident Insurance (OAI). OAI and is used for medical benefits and disability coverage in the event of an injury on the job.

This coverage option typically costs about half of a traditional workers compensation policy coverage cost.  It will not have all the benefits that workers compensation coverage provides.

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