Physical Damage Coverage 101​

What is physical damage insurance coverage and who is it for?

Physical damage insurance coverage is not required on your truck unless your vehicle is leased. If it is, then you are most likely required to have Physical Damage insurance. On the other hand, if your vehicle is fully paid for, Physical Damage coverage is optional.

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Who is Physical Damage Coverage for?

Any time you drive, you are exposed to risk. Your truck could be damaged in an accident or from another disaster. It could be stolen or vandalized. Any of these issues could put your truck out of commission and compromise your business.
Physical Damage coverage offers 24-hour collision coverage for damages to your tractor or trailer.
  • Collision, Comprehensive or Specified perils
  • Aggregate and combined deductibles
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Gap coverage
  • Personal effects for drivers
  • Towing coverage
  • Electronic Equipment coverage
  • Downtime Loss Expense

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